Sabotage by politics


It is a sad day for democracy and for Longfellow.

Under pressure from vested interests, our mayor and city council abandoned whatever integrity they had and voted for public funding of a football stadium.

They chose to transfer sales taxes created for convention center maintenance to the pockets of the Vikings and local developers.

Pollsters said they did not see the usual partisan divide on this issue, noting that “62% of Republicans, 61% of Democrats, and 59% of independents are opposed to a publicly funded stadium. This issue may come down more to how much people care about football than it does their usual political ideologies.”

Didn’t matter.

The lack of political retribution when the county board imposed a tax for the Twins stadium convinced the politicians that they could keep their jobs even if they snubbed public opinion.

Including the demands to hold a referendum in Minneapolis.

The mayor and 7 council members scorned the voices of the public that told them not to do it.

Who cares what the people in this democracy think?

Zygi Wilf thinks he should get a large outpouring of funds, and that’s the voice they heard to the exclusion of everything else.

Seems obvious that these politicians expect voters to become sheep again and do nothing in reprisal.

Well, sadly, some people may indeed act like sheep.

But some of us won’t sit impotently and watch.

We are already looking for every possible action.

One action is simply not to do business when the .5 percent tax is collected. That is a citywide tax, so if a purchase is taxable, Minneapolis residents are forced to pay for the stadium no matter what their position on it was. But we’re surrounded with municipalities who were excused from paying anything for the stadium.

Obviously those places are far more favorable for business by those of us who refuse to follow wherever our shady politicians try to lead us.

The second thing the staunch democrats can do is put all the individuals who voted in this boondoggle at the dead bottom of choices at the next election.

Fair to do that , and you prove your protest was just hot air.

Sorry Longfellow.

CM Colvin Roy was one of the perpetrators of this fraud.

You lose out.

She’ll probably run again in her new ward, and you can certainly act then.

Meanwhile, all your businesses will be slaves to their votes on the stadium issue.