S’uper, dawg? Bachmann calls on Steele to “keep it real”—in St. Paul


by Rich Broderick | March 1, 2009 • In yet another controversial move, Rep. Michele Bachmann, the GOP Congressperson from Minnesota’s 3rd District, today called upon Republican National Committee chair, Michael Steele, to apply for the job of St. Paul Public School district superintendent.

Ground Zero – Rich Broderick teaches journalism, serves on the board of the Twin Cities Media Alliance, and sometimes still finds time to write for the TC Daily Planet.

Her suggestion comes only days after it was revealed that the current SPPS superintendent, Maria Carstarphen, has accepted a job running the school system in Austin, TX.

“If our party really intends to ‘get down’ with the urban/suburban hip hop culture, I can’t think of a better chance to up our ‘mojo’ than by Michael earning us some ‘street cred’ as super of the ‘homies’ in one of Minnesota’s tough inner city ‘hoods’,” Bachmann said during a press conference at the Rayburn Building in Washington, DC. “Talk about ‘off the hook’!”

“The money’s not bad,” she went on, “and we can always ‘make it rain’ and throw in some ‘ice’ to sweeten the pot if we need to. I know how much Michael’s into ‘hustlin’ and ‘stuntin’. That’s why I always say, ‘He be da man!’”

Bachmann also expressed enthusiasm for the idea of having Steele closer to her own home district north of the Twin Cities. “For months, Michael’s been talking about his huge collection of MC Hammer CDs and videotapes,” she said. “I can’t wait to download all of it on to my iPod Touch!”

Bachmann went on to explain that she acquired her interest in hip hop and rap from her husband, a psychologist reputed to engage in the practice of trying to “convert” gays to a straight life style.

“Marcus is a big fan of hip hop, she said. “Along with Abba and Judy Garland, he positively adores The Beastie Boys the most.”

So far, there has been little official response to Bachmann’s suggestion. In St. Paul, district officials declined to comment. Meanwhile, Steele’s RNC office this morning issued a simple four-word statement, “Word to your mother”