Roundup: 24 Aug 09


by Erica Mauter | August 24, 2009 • Lots of news out of the West Bank Social Center: is a cityblog for and about life in the Twin Cities, published by Erica Mauter. Contact

* The WBSC is home to Solutions Twin Cities. Troy and Colin have applied for a Nau Grant for Change and would really appreciate your vote.
* PARK(ing) Day Twin Cities has its own site up and running. You can find specifics on the PARK(ing) Day event, general info on the awesomeness of less cars, and learn about creating your own PARK(ing) space for September 18.
* The WBSC is now offering foursquare mayor prizes and is having a rent party on Friday, Aug 28.

In other news:

* In this Secrets of the City discussion of whether it was appropriate to bump network news for the Brett Favre conference, a very interesting point was made in the comments about running the press conference on one of their digital subchannels (e.g., KARE has 11-1 and 11-2). I didn’t even think of that!
*, home of the Minneapolis Issues Forum and the Saint Paul Issues Forum amongst many others, is expanding their neighborhood forum offerings in both Saint Paul and in Minneapolis. If you don’t already read these and wonder about what’s going on in your city or neighborhood, they’re a great source of info.
* The city of Minneapolis is once again looking for biking and walking count volunteers. See the report on counts for 2008 (pdf). The report also contains some related transit, auto, and traffic share info; historical trending; nifty maps and graphs; and an explanation of the methodology.
* The Twin Cities Parade of Chicken Coops is coming up. I kid you not. If you have ever wondered how people go about solving their chicken problems, then the Fall 2009 Parade of Chicken Coops Tour should be marked on your calendar. You will meet a whole variety of handsome chickens, and get a chance to talk to people who have gone through the process.(via @pfhyper)
* Have you ever been instructed to pay your bus fare as you get off the bus? It happens, and it looks like a little more communication around that would be nice.
* Reinventing Minnesota’s 25th Anniversary Minnesota Community Pride Competition is ongoing. The Community Pride Contest is part of the Reinventing Minnesota initiative to recognize communities statewide for their efforts to move beyond the current economic crisis with creative and proactive community and economic development initiatives. Sharing these best practices with neighbors across the state –and across America — is equally important. The program is co-sponsored by the Minnesota State Fair,, the Blandin Foundation, and Minnesota Rural Partners, Inc. It doesn’t say when online voting closes, but the winners are being announced on Sep 6 at the State Fair.