Roundup: From U of M Law Library to Summit Brewery, with a few additional stops


by Erica MauterFrom U of M Law Library to Summit Brewery, with a few additional stops.

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• Minneapolis CouncilMember Cam Gordon is all het up about campaign finance reporting. One proposed change is reducing the contribution size that must be reported from $100 to $25. Transparency, whatnot. I have no sense of whether this is a) a good idea or b) worth the effort.

• Doesn’t The Minnesota Etsy Street Team sound cool and vaguely intimidating? Your place for all things Minnesotan and Etsy. Where by “all” I might mean “most” or possibly “many” but you get the picture. Also, on Twitter: @TeamMN.

• Continuing on the crafty tip, Crafters Local 612 has tips on maximizing your craft sale ROI.

Reasons to avoid the University of Minnesota Law Library. In email from the head librarian: “One year we received a complaint about a student who was wearing flip-flops and walking to and from his carrel a bit too frequently for his neighbors. While this example may seem extreme, it highlights the general tension level that finals inspire.” To which Dennis says: “To designate a ‘quiet area’ of the library is ridiculous, especially since our library has the acoustics of an opera house – you can hear a roach’s thoughts from the other side of the library…well, maybe that’s the caffeine speaking…” He goes on to describe the four categories of over-stressers.

• Nick at saintpaulitan takes the Summit Brewery Tour. He’s got a slideshow and everything. Emily, where’s your report?