Roundup: 09 Feb 09


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* My favorite Lynx reporter, Stephen Litel, just shared that he’s been blogging for The Minnesota Score. So if you’re into sports, check out “Minnesota’s Premier All Sports Magazine” and if you’re into basketball, read Stephen.

* We Like It Here is a new blog about… wait for it… living in the Twin Cities. (I have a really hard time believing that Detroit and Chicago have colder winters than we do here, but okay.) They’re tweeting things about photos and video from this weekend’s Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park and a visit to the Art Shanties on Medicine Lake, so check back soon for that.

* Rift Magazine is doing some fundraising to support its next print issue. Give what you can and get some swag for your trouble. There’s also a fundraising concert next Friday, Feb 20, at Stasius Place. Supercollider, Zoo Animal, and Guante and Bill Mike are playing. [facebook event] [ event]

* Meet and greet the folks from The Uptake! “It’ll be informal, we’ll talk about the coverage we’ve provided up to this point and share stories.” Wednesday, Feb 18, 8pm at Common Roots (BTW, they now have enough Surly products on tap to resume offering Surly beer flights). [facebook event]

* The SPARK Festival of Electronic Music and Arts is Feb 17-22 at the University of Minnesota. There’s a looooong list of artists and events. The media archive has audio and video from past years so you can get an idea of what to expect. Most events are free and all are open to the public.

Originally published 2/9/09