Roosevelt Republicans vs. Tea Party Republicans


As I am talking to folks across Ramsey county, I surprised to hear Republicans splitting themselves into two groups: Roosevelt Republicans vs Tea Party Republicans. The Roosevelt Republicans are Republican brand loyal from the days of President Roosevelt, yet they feel alienated from the current Republican party. Both groups are calling each other not-real Republicans.

Roosevelt Republicans like less taxes and yet are winning to raise taxes if the cause is worthy enough. Roosevelt Republicans like balanced budgets, government that actually works and would rather stay out of social issues.

Tea Party Republicans think think that taxes are forbidden unless one is building a stadium. They think that government should disappear except for enforcing social issues as long as the social issues are only considered from only their perspective.

The point here is that if someone gave the Roosevelt Republicans some visibility and if a leader appeared, then Republican party will probably go to full out-war. Emmer is clearly a Tea Party candidate. Is the independent Tom Horner a candidate for the Roosevelt Republicans? Can Tom Horner be that leader?

The split is there. Can Democrats craft persuasions that will appeal to Roosevelt Republicans? Can we identify and track them? Here is an opportunity for better government in Minnesota, if we can find a way to build bridges to connect with Roosevelt Republicans to win elections.