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Anh Trinh has operated a beauty shop at 397 University Avenue for more than 20 years.  She lives above the shop.  During the Central Corridor construction project, as bulldozing and jackhammering took place in front of her home and business, a drain pipe in Ms. Trinh’s basement sprang a leak.   According to Anh, before the construction, her drainpipe was straight.  After the construction, her basement wall sunk and bent the pipe.  When she complained, she was told that her sewer leak was not caused by the construction.

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Before the construction, there was room between her building and the street to pile snow.   Now, when there’s a heavy snow, it gets plowed onto the sidewalk in front of her home and business.  

Due to the construction, Anh has lost a lot of business.  The customer parking in front of her shop is gone, and her shop is located in the middle of the block, so parking on nearby side streets, if available, is not a convenient option.

Anh’s an optimist, a wishful thinker, a true believer.  She’s gone to the Met Council Central Corridor Project hearings in the past, and she showed up once again on January 10, 2013, hoping maybe someone will finally listen.  As Jack McCann, president of the University Avenue Business Association accurately states, the Central Corridor Project “can be summed up as dishonest and pathetic.  An honest organization (which is not the Met Council) would have openly evaluated the real effects of shoehorning a project this size onto this avenue.”