Rice Park wins award


Rice park in downtown St. Paul was named one of America’s top great spaces by the America Planning Association.

“Rice Park is a counterpoint to its busy surroundings. Its period lamps, statuary, benches, center fountain, and adjacent national landmark buildings lend a European feeling to the space. Trapezoidal in shape with two diagonal walkways, the park serves as much as a pathway and shortcut as it does a lunch stop, festival grounds, and outdoor sanctuary. Rice Park has undergone far-reaching changes since its establishment in 1849, when Minnesota was still a territory.”

As a child I enjoyed going to the library and getting books and sitting in the park and reading them. As an adult I enjoy eating lunch in the park, the holiday lights, people watching, dog walking and the events, like the Saint Paul Winter Carnival which starts on January 26th this year even if we still don’t have any snow.

Park benches and flowers

Holiday lights with the landmark center in the background

The fountain and statue of “The Source”

The park can be reserved for weddings and other events. Contact St. Paul Parks.