A Response to Dewatering Chain of Lakes: Can Lake Calhoun Recover?


Dear Editor,

 Reading DEWATERING the CHAIN of LAKES: Can Calhoun Recover?, which discusses Lake Calhoun’s chances of surviving as a swimmable lake, brings up another important threat to our waterways gaining steam in Congress right now.

 On February 4th, Representative Keith Ellison staunchly defended clean water for Minnesota against a new round of attacks by polluters and their allies on Capitol Hill.  Last year, EPA proposed a rule to restore Clean Water Act protections to thousands of streams and wetlands across the country – including those that help feed the Mississippi River and Lake Calhoun and help provide drinking water for over 970,000 Minnesotans.

 The clean water rule has drawn support from more than 800,000 Americans – including 40 local elected officials here in Minnesota.  Yet a wide range of polluting industries – from oil and gas to corporate agribusiness has been lobbying furiously to derail it.  This week, their friends on Capitol Hill held joint hearings clearly intended to set the stage for votes to block EPA from finalizing this vital clean water protection.

In response, Rep. Ellison took a stand for clean water and reminded his colleagues “MN’s rivers and lakes are critical to our way of life and need to be protected. I support a strong clean water rule.”

 I support the EPA’s clean water rule because I grew up around Crystal Lake. It had different fishes, a trail and many parks, which was perfect for my family. However, in 2012, the city of Robbinsdale had to install a $1.2 million plant to remove the extra phosphorus in the now polluted lake. A lake that used to be beautiful and lively is now green and lonely.

 To protect Lake Calhoun from the latest dirty water attack, we’ll need more clean water champions like Representative Ellison. We hope Senator Franken joins in the defense of clean water soon.


Linda Xiong