Resolution would affirm Khmer soldiers


The Khmer Freedom Fighters of Cambodia supported and defended U.S. military troops during the Vietnam War, yet the U.S. government has never officially recognized them as U.S. veterans, although many became naturalized citizens.

Rep. Bruce Anderson (R-Buffalo Township) sponsors HF2629, a resolution that would allow the state to officially recognize the Khmer Freedom Fighters and the Cambodian people for their support and defense of United States military forces. The resolution also urges the president, Congress and all other state legislatures to do the same.

The House Veterans Services Division approved the resolution and referred to the House floor. It has no Senate companion. Thirty-seven Khmer Freedom Fighter representatives were on hand to witness the division’s approval.

The soldiers fought alongside American soldiers to defend the rights of Cambodians and became American refugees after the war. Today, about 8,000 of these freedom fighters and their descendants live in Minnesota.