Representative Hansen discusses silica sand mining in Save the Bluffs video update


One of the best-known (and liked) lobbyists at the Minnesota State capitol is John Kaul, whose candid photos capture the essence, drama and frequent exhaustion of the legislative process. He’s also a pretty decent documentary filmmaker who explored the life of Minnesota’s first woman state supreme court justice.

Kaul is lobbying for Save the Bluffs, a grassroots citizens frac sand activism group in the Red Wing area. He’s put together a video update. Representative Rick Hansen–whose sand mining bills do not include the one-year moratorium and Generic Environmental Impact Statement the group advocates–talks about the issue in the second part of the video.

While Save the Bluff differs with Hansen in those key elements, they–like the frac sand mining industry–appreciate the work Hansen is doing on this issue. While not a show horse, there’s no one who plows forward more diligently on soil, water and natural resource issues as the South St. Paul (and SE Minnesota native) as Hansen.