REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK | MinnesotaCare and Medicaid expansion


Are you living without health insurance, or are your health care costs being covered by the state? If so, The Daily Planet wants to talk with you.

Unlike outgoing Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Gov.-elect Mark Dayton has said he will take up the federal government’s offer of expanding Medicaid here. That means tens of thousands of Minnesotans who are struggling with health care costs could find extra help and increased benefits in the coming year.

Under the expansion, Minnesotans who are currently enrolled in the state’s General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) or MinnesotaCare programs would be transferred to Medicaid. It’s also expected, according to Ben Hanson over at Minnesota 2020, that some residents who lost their state-sponsored health care under Pawlenty’s administration may be covered once again.

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