REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK | Farmers’ markets


Twin Cities farmers’ markets have grown into a summer grocery tradition, providing shoppers with a wide array of locally grown, in-season produce.  The markets range in size, focus and character, but each creates a place for neighborhood residents to meet up on the weekend and support local agriculture.  Finding the right farmers’ market depends on what items you are looking to shop for, how large a selection you’d like to review, and how far you are willing to travel.  For both Minneapolis and St. Paul, farmers’ markets range from large, established locations, to a wide variety of smaller satellite sites, each with their own unique feel.

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We are interested in hearing from readers who have a personal perspective on why they shop at farmers’ markets, rather than simply going to the local supermarket.  Why do you go?  What kinds of things do the farmers’ markets provide that a traditional grocery can’t, or doesn’t offer?  Do you go regularly, rain or shine, while the market is open, or are you more casual about when and why you show up?  

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