REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK | Census Enumerators


The 2010 US Census has been in full-swing for several months now, and after the initial forms were mailed to all American households, a small army of enumerators have been deployed to follow up on all non-responsive addresses, working to fill in the blanks on information about who lives where throughout the country, and what sort of demographic background they have.  This process has been massive in scale, with the U.S. Census Bureau becoming, briefly, the largest employer in the country, mainly in the form of those temporary enumerator jobs.  

Do you have any stories of experience as an enumerator or know someone who has?  Were there any issues with safety or security when dealing with people door-to-door?  Were there people who simply refused to cooperate with the Census? Do you have any experience with enumerators from the other side of the door, as a resident of a house or apartment who got a knock at your door?  What was the experience like? Contact Sheila Regan at