Reflections of New Minnesotans: Yohannes Tona – All things jazz and then some


This week I interview local musician, Ethiopian-born, Yohannes Tona. His compositions have influences from around the world (mostly jazz, Afro-funk, highlife and soul) and can be sampled from his first album Sand from the Desert Storm which we play on this week’s show. Yohannes has also just finished producing an album for another local Ethiopian soul singer Asayehegn “Iyu” Alemu whose music you also hear on the show.  [Audio below]

PS. I was excited about doing a music show at the state fair because we’d have a live audience. Unfortunately, we were interrupted by a state fair parade that was too loud to allow for Yohannes and I to chat in between the songs. (that loud banging noise you hear, for a few moments, in the background is several matching bands). BUT you can still hear the music since that was played from the studio. So do listen in. That just means I will have to have Yohannes back in the studio soon.