Reflections of New Minnesotans: Finding home and place


10,000 journeys to 10,000 lakes: that’s the theme for this year’s annual Twin Cities World Refugee Day celebration. [TCDP editor’s note: Twin Cities World Refugee Day is June 14.] With over 100,000 refugees resettled here, Minnesota has a rich diversity of cultures and stories from these communities.

This week’s guests explore concepts of home, belonging and community in Minnesota. How do we frame positive narratives about refugees while acknowledging the tragedy of forced migration? How does Minnesota celebrate its large refugee population, beyond Minnesota Niceness? How do we celebrate Minnesota’s refugee community’s culture?

Guests are: Vichet Chhuon, an assistant professor of Culture and Teaching at the University of Minnesota, Sousada Chidthachack an education activist and Jamal Adam, also an educator and a 2014 Bush Fellow. [Audio below]