Reflections of New Minnesotans: Faustin Linyekul – catharsis of pain


Faustin Linyekula is an incredible artist and thinker. A contemporary dancer, Linyekula who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire), describes his performance as story telling where explores the possibilities of his body to tell stories; navigating between the past and present. His work is largely influenced by the political struggle of the Congolese. 

“It is not only about the beauty or the aesthetics of the body on stage but attempting to tell stories that are very dear to my art. Stories, not from exile, but from coming from my home country.”

“My heritage is a pile of wounds and pain, but what do I do with it? It doesn’t do anyone any good to just talk about it.”

Listen to my interview with Faustin as we talk history, dance, philosophy and spirituality. [Audio below]

Also read Susan Budig’s review on Faustin Linyekula’s show in 2007 when he was an artist in residence at the Walker Arts Center.