Reflections of New Minnesotans: Diversity in Brooklyn Park


You would be surprised to learn that Minneapolis is not the most diverse city in Minnesota. The last census shows that the suburbs of Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center as the most diverse cities; on track to being Minnesota’s first majority-minority.

At population 30,104, Brooklyn Center is now 50.9 percent minority and Brooklyn Park follows a close number two with a 47.6 percent minority of its 67,388 population count. This diversity includes African, Latinos and Southeast Asian immigrants.

Guests on Reflections of New Minnesotans on Saturday were long-term Brooklyn Park resident, Elizabeth Knight, who also serves on the city’s council and Mameneh George, an immigrant from Liberia, has also made Brooklyn Park her home, for the last thirteen years. [AUDIO BELOW]

What do changing demographics mean for the city? And why Brooklyn Park?