A recycled conversation: The importance of recycling


Having been born into a family of nine children, I learned to re-use and recycle before it was politically correct. I grew up in a family that refinished furniture, sewed creatively, and artistically turned leftovers into magnificent meals. My family took pride in the ability to find new purposes for used things. Now, as an adult, with children and grandchildren of my own, I find that my enthusiasm for recycling and re-purposing is a support for my friends, family and neighbors. Locally, I am supported in my desire to re-use and recycle through city and county programs.

Recycling is so much more than just re-using items. It is an incredible opportunity to keep glass jars, metal cans, plastic containers and toilet paper rolls out of the regular garbage. It is an opportunity to do the little things each day that add up over time. Recycling begins when we choose to purchase items in recyclable containers, or when we choose to purchase items that are made from recycled products.

Recycling is available and mandated for all Corcoran residents. If you would like a recycling guide or recycling schedule for your business, building or home you may call 311 and speak with the Solid Waste and Recycling Representative. You may also call the City of Minneapolis at 612-673-2917 or go online to <www.minneapolismn.gov/onesort>. If you are an apartment dweller and are unsure of your recycling program, please contact your building management or owner for details. If you do not know who to contact regarding recycling in your building, please call the Corcoran Neighborhood Office and Ross will cheerfully assist you in finding a point of contact.

If you do not currently recycle, for whatever the reason, I would like to challenge you to consider selecting one item this month to practice recycling. What about trying milk cartons, magazines or toilet paper rolls?

If you do currently recycle, I would like to challenge you to restart the recycling conversation with friends and co-workers. Also, re-check the city website or users guide to make sure you are recycling all items that are currently eligible.

There are many recycling and related topics to cover. If you’ve never recycled before; how do you know what to do? What about those overflowing dumpsters, unlicensed scrappers and illegal dumping? I look forward to continuing this conversation in another edition of the Corcoran News.

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