Reality check 2014


In 1959 President Eisenhower identified the “Military Industrial Complex” as a crucial challenge to true democracy, but he also sent in 6,000 troops, six weeks before JFK took office. What is the arc of history here? This political entity known as the United States has been an exploitive presence on the globe that began when the first Europeans landed on the shores of what was incorrectly called America or the New World. Industrialization sped up the conquest of the planet and plunder of the natural world and ultimately fed into the Capitalist/Communist struggle to control the natural resources of the world. The so-called communist system has fallen. The other shoe is now slipping from the foot of the Capitalist West. As any economic system is fed by what it hopes is an endless supply natural resources, it is rather dramatically clear that is coming to an end for the Western industrial way of life. Or is that really an unconscious way of death? This is like seeking refuge in a burning house.

There is not a limitless supply of fossil fuels. The rate at which we consume them and the way we consume them is destroying the environment…the air, the water, the soil. It is unclear whether we can survive this insanity! THAT to me is the real point. When I hear “America the Beautiful” I think about moderate Republican Nelson Rockefeller giving the orders to shoot through “white” working class guards to kill Black and Latino prisoners, all the victims of colonization and/or class rule. The rich insanely intend to hold on to what that think they have. When I see China asserting itself into Africa, accessing her resources while giving every indication to the world that it is now China’s turn for world leadership, world dominance essentially based upon the same model of industrialization and exploitation. I wonder where common sense and human compassion have gone. Everybody has something to lose now. Right now we really are in the same boat as never before…the good ship Mother Earth. We now all need the courage to wake up!