Readers weigh in on St. Paul architecture


I asked four experts to nominate examples of great architecture that have gone up in St. Paul in the last 30 years. Daily Planet readers had their own nominations.

“Interesting that no one mentioned Minnesota Public Radio’s newish building. I worked for them for a decade before being laid off, so I’m not a huge fan of the organization—but the building is GREAT.”

“Flannery Construction building at St. Anthony just west of Hamline is a fun and functional building with green credentials.”

“I don’t mind that St. Paul isn’t a showplace of architecture from the past 30 years. I greatly appreciate that the city has preserved so much from its past 150 years—more so, I’d say without any expertise, than Minneapolis has.”

“Galtier Plaza is alright. The Science Museum is kind of cool-looking, the way it goes all the way down the bluffs. And the Xcel’s worth a gander every now and then. Plus the Cathedral’s roof is pretty new, and not half-bad. There are all those new government buildings on the capitol grounds, which aren’t beautiful, but they work out alright. And that addition to St. Joe’s on the other side of 94/35e commons is pretty nice.”

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