Queen’s Grill offers comfort on Lake Street


I visited another welcome entry in the register of Longfellow’s home restaurants. It is called Queens Grill, and it occupies the space formerly used by Manny’s Tortas. From material I read in the menu, it offers food cooked on a barbecue-type grill (not the “grill” at McDonalds). And the mention of njera bread indicates, it also includes Ethiopian food. I definitely want to try that next outing. It has been so many years since eating at Blue Nile and the Red Sea.

As it was, since I saw on a board outside the door that today’s special was Beef and Rice Soup, I ordered that. And since the special included a variety of beverages, I got a tall cup of coffee.

Verdict: The beef soup was really heartening on a crisp fall day. Every component seemed well done. I can’t say I saw a lot of rice, but the parts I most want were there. What really makes a soup for me is the variety of chopped vegetables. I can see myself stopping in frequently in the winter. Hot soup on a winter day is one of life’s simple pleasures. After finishing it, I sat by the window, sipped a tall cup of coffee, listened to the comforting music, and watched Lake St at rush hour. Every single part of my experience said “comfort”. And I just love that kind of place. I leave the “excitement” places for others.

Check it out if you read this. I think this place could be a stayer. It isn’t shooting too high at the start and can branch out as it learns the local tastes. And being in the Freeman building, it shares some of the more burdensome costs, not like Lalibella where the owner was saddled with everything. At least, this is my hope for the future.