THREE ISSUES | “Puttin’ People On the Moon”… and in Congress… and into the White House


Jim Rufi, the 46-year old award-winning Car Program manager of the St. Paul-Fairview Goodwill Easter Seals (since 2005), self-avowed fan of the country-rock group “Drive-By Truckers”, and astute student of political science told the Daily Planet what he feels are the most important issues in the upcoming federal elections this fall, illustrating with song lyrics in a deft juxtaposition of music, politics, and life.

FP: “Jim, what are some of the concerns, concepts, or issues you have regarding the upcoming national elections that you hope to see addressed or resolved?”
JR: “Basically, I would want President Obama to win. But as far as the political process itself goes (the election season, politicking, ads), I must say I’m a bit disillusioned.”
FP: “How did you reach a point of disillusionment?”
JR: “Oh, just the past, seeing it all play out, having experienced past elections. You know, one of my favorite connections to the political process is through music, just because as a medium of communication, music is so universal, open, and relevent to everyday life, including politics.”
FP: “Could you elucidate?”
JR: “Sure. For example, if you look around at the U.S. voting populace today, alot of them, including me, are [disillusioned] with the current course we’re on, especially regarding foreign policy. Look at Iraq…. Regarding the Middle East at large, it seems as if we [the United States] pick and choose who we want to back, often at the expense of the immediate populace. President Obama is very coy about his Middle East policies-“
FP: “How so?”
JR: “Well, regarding his uses of covert ops [operations] like drone strikes, the Osama Bin Laden killing, responding to humanitarian crises [Arab Spring]. Romney seems to be more blunt about how he would handle situations in the Middle East… [but] I feel throughout it all, most US citizens are weary of Middle East conflict, which argubly could impair both candidates this fall in ways we don’t yet understand.”
FP: “You feel the results and implications surrounding the Middle East over the past 3 to 4 years may pale in contrast with larger national world-weariness?”
JR: “Sure, and that’s where a lyric from the song “Puttin’ People on the Moon” by Drive-By Truckers resonates so well with me, because it essentially displays how I feel about the upcoming election.”
Another joker in the White House, said a change was comin’ ’round
But I’m workin’ at the Walmart and Mary Alice in the ground
And all those lyin’ politicians, they all lyin sacks of [human excrement]
They say better days upon us but I’m sucking left hind tit
-Lyrics used and expressed from “Puttin’ People On the Moon” by Drive-By Truckers

FP: [laughter] “You do certainly have a unique perspective on the election.”
JR: “Which I think really ties into our culture today as well, especially with youth. And youth will be the large voting block, supposedly, this election.”
FP: “Are there other issues you’re looking at regarding the election, albeit at a distance?”
JR: [laughing] “Yes, there are. I’m looking at gerrymandering. There’s a case right now going on in Texas, where the GOP [Republican party] is trying to increase delegates and therefore, influence in the state ahead of the fall elections. That’s what I mean… today, there is too much “Us vs Them” mentality. And it’s unproductive.”
FP: “You’re talking about the national political partisanship?”
JR: “Yes. [But] it’s even larger than that. I think four years to try and run the country as president is too short, unproductive… I would like the presidential term to change to a six-eight year term, with no reelection.” 
FP: “That’s an interesting concept. Do you think, with so many issues that you addressed, you’ll be somewhat active in the election?”
JR: “Yes, we’ll probably donate money, vote, but no active campainging [on behalf] of any candidates. Today’s political campaigns are too much like a club. Whoever’s in the hierarchy rules — if you, as an individual have a disagreement of substance, you really have no role.
FP: “Any final thoughts or predictions on the national elections?”
JR: “It will be a close one… I don’t think Romney will win. He isn’t charismatic enough. But Obama has a tough climb. He needs to get the unemployment rate down. I do think Obamacare is a step in the right direction, although constitutionally, the health mandate will probably be ruled as unlawful, which could hurt him a bit come election time. I do have one important prediction, though.”
FP: “What’s that?”
JR: “I do believe Wisconsin governor Scott Walker will run for president in the next 2 or 3 election cycles.” 
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