FREE SPEECH ZONE | Twin Cities: a Volunteerland


The Twin Cities has the highest rate of volunteerism in the country with nearly sixty-percent of Twin Cities residents saying they have volunteered before. Of course this is great news for us, as we can add one more item among many that we are number one in!

Free Speech Zone
The Free Speech Zone offers a space for contributions from readers, without editing by the TC Daily Planet. This is an open forum for articles that otherwise might not find a place for publication, including news articles, opinion columns, announcements and even a few press releases.

On a less perky note, that leaves 40% of us who do not volunteer or have not before. There is no need to worry, however! 2011 is the perfect year for all Twin Cities community members to become more involved. With Spring just around the corner (hopefully!), community gardens are re-opening, summer park clean-ups and 5k races are being planned, and many of the 5,000 non-profits in Minnesota need a helping hand! 

For all of the first-time volunteers and even the seasoned volunteers,HandsOn Twin Cities is a great place to check out. This non-profit partners with other non-profits to engage Twin Citians from the nine county metro area to become involved through volunteering at local non-profits. 

Check them out at 

For the great leaders in the Twin Cities, check out their Impact Now Leadership program and lead one of hundreds of project happening around the Twin Cities every day. 

There is always a way for us to get involved. Let’s maintain our position as number one by having our 60% be 100%. We can do it!