COMMUNITY VOICES | Progressive betrayals of the DFL leadership


Michael J Cavlan

16 mins

This is a copy of what I posted on the DFL “Progressive” Caucus Facebook page. I am now banned from the “progressive” DFL Facebook group.

Mind you I spoke about the betrayals of the LEADERSHIP of the DFL and this list of open, naked betrayals is only a quickly collected partial list

Ok So Mr Speaker Theissen. I am nota DFLer. I am a progressive. So lets just look at the record of the DFL and it’s leadership in Minnesota from a progressive perspective.

n Mind you all of this knowing that the DFl have a super majority in the House, majority in senate and a DFL Governor. Medical marijuana- weak bill, total betrayal on what could have been. lead by Governor Dayton and House (leader of senate had good bill that was squashed.)

Minimum wage at $9.50 by 2018 is not a living wage, it is a poverty wage. while other activists now push for $15 and hour, as in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fran.

In Poly Met Mining- supported by Governor Dayton and DFL leadership. Same goes for the Enbridge XL Tar Sands line #67- also called the Alberta Clipper which goes through northern Minnesota.(which benefits the Koch Brothers)

Support for a corporate healthcare bill, as the DFL leadership stabbed the John marty Bill in the back. Do not deny this. i happen to know this is the truth. I will expand on this in detail if you wish.

VIKINGS STADIUM CORPORATE WILF BAILOUT. Against our will, against the referendums that were passed by the majority of people and a direct violation of the Minneapolis City Charter and the Minnesota Constitution.

The DFL leadership being directly and personally involved in the crushing and suppression of the Occupy Minnesota movement. Which sprang from Occupy Wall street. crackdown was ordered by president Barack Obama and his DOJ guy Eric Holder. again this is undeniable and I will answer any points brought up on this.

This is a long list of open and naked betrayals. Not just some guy ‘complaining that he didn’t get all the candy he demanded like a greedy child” This is a talking point when these things are brought up on Air America. So back to the list.

Oh yes. The Minnesota DFL leadership just squashed a bill for IRV on the state level.

Then the coup de grace. The tabling and ending of the Move To Amend Bill. the bill to try and push for no more corporate money in politics.

an Soooo that is how the DFL “did great’ from a progressive perspective. In the Governors race, progressives have no one to vote for. It is almost like a version of voter suppression. Make the decent candidates that stand for something invisible. Thereby making progressives give up on the entire voting system itself.