Progress on my doorstep


Like most little boys, I loved watching construction workers and all their big machinery. Let’s be honest, not much has changed in twenty years except now I have a bit more appreciation for the tremendous positive economic impact that large construction projects have on a state’s economy. Also, on a personal level, I just can’t wait for Central Corridor to be complete, it’ll be a great transit option!

That being said, I’ve enjoyed the semi-frequent “Progress at Our Doorstep” feature on the blog with MN2020’s video guru, Tom Niemisto, filming the construction progress on University Ave. near the 2020 headquarters. So I figured I’d do my own version of the video. Working in Lowertown near Union Depot, it has been truly remarkable to see the wonderful progress that the construction team has achieved in just a few short months. I hope you enjoy my video although I’m certainly not as skilled with a camera as Tom.