Preparation is all


Got tapped to go back and play Corner Coffee, March 9, 8PM (that’s at 514 No. 3rd St. in the Minneapolis Warehouse District, not far from Target Field).  I’m, like, Hunh?  Ain’t sang nowhere in so long, not sure I remember how.  It’ll come back to me.  Am determined, this time, to add Smokey Robinson’s “Baby, Come Close” to the set.  If it kills me.  And the audience’s ears. 

Promoting Something I Said  (Papyrus Publishing, Inc. $14.99).  Marcie Rendon is writing a review for MN Spokesman-Recorder.  And will be featured at On The Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava. (Flava News Radio –  6PM Pacific Time, 8PM Central, 9PM Eastern.  Roger E. Lear, that beloved rascal and ace music producer, agreed to sit in.  So did Anura Si-Asar, owner of Papyrus Publishing, Inc.  For the pure the hell of it, asked historian, scholar and griot Mahmoud El-Kati (he wrote the foreword to Something I Said) to join in.  Was all set for a whole lot of resistance (the man is allergic to interviews).  But, he said, straight away, pleasant as you please, “Sure.”  Mahmoud likely figured, Man, Hobbes is not going to give me a minute’s peace until I give in. May as well do the interview and be done with it.  So, that’s that.  We got him, Anura, Roger, me and Lady Flava all in the conversation.  Not sure whether it’s a interview or conference call.  One thing, listeners won’t fall asleep.  Trust me on that. 

Preparation, it’s said, is all.  Better to do something right than to just do it right now.  So the book took longer than expected.  I can definitely live with how it’s being received.  Diggez-vous?