Precinct caucus time — again!


We haven’t recovered from the last election, and already the next campaign season has begun. If you live in St. Paul and vote DFL–and no, the two conditions are not synonymous–your precinct and ward caucuses are Tuesday. THIS Tuesday, February 3. In Minneapolis, you have a whole month to wait for precinct caucuses (March 3), though candidates are already announcing in both cities.

St. Paul will vote for mayor and school board members in November. Minneapolis will vote for mayor, city council members, Park and Recreation Board members, and members of the Board of Estimate and Taxation.

Precinct caucuses are the first step toward endorsement, and the basic level for citizen involvement in party politics. A search of the websites of theMinnesota GOP, Minnesota Greens, and Minnesota Independence Party did not turn up any information on precinct caucuses.

For St. Paul DFL caucuses on Tuesday, February 3:

Caucus-goers are asked to please bring one or two non-perishable food items–or a whole bag of food–to donate to local food shelves. The supply is at a record low while the need for assistance with food is at an alarming new high.

begins at 6:30pm. Here are the locations:

Ward 1 – Rondo Education Center – 560 Concordia Ave., 55103

Ward 2 – Humbolt High School – 30 Baker Street, 55107

Ward 3 – Highland Park Jr. High School – 975 S. Snelling Ave., 55116

Ward 4 – Hancock Elementary School – 1599 Englewood Ave., 55104

Ward 5 – Como High School – 740 Rose Ave W., 55117

Ward 6 – Johnson Sr. High School – 1349 Arcade St.,55106

Ward 7 – Harding High School – 1540 E. Sixth St., 55106