Pre-Fringe Profile: Stairway to Kevin


CAVEAT: I have been touring on the Fringe circuit in many of the same places as Kevin for years now, though we have never worked together directly.

PRODUCER: Kevin J Thornton Entertainment
HAILING FROM: Nashville, Tennessee
SHOW DESCRIPTION: This fringe veteran is turning 40 and questioning everything. Join him for a hilarious round-the-world journey on the search for the meaning of life. A hybrid of standup, storytelling and original music.
WHAT CAUGHT MY INTEREST: I’ve known Kevin for years, and with this series of shows he seems to be delving just a little bit deeper and a little bit darker. Both of those are things that are things that I enjoy.
INTERVIEWEE: Kevin J Thornton

Just who do you think you are, anyway?

I’m a scorpio gay vegan atheist. Looking for other irritating progressive descriptors to add to my identity if anyone has any ideas. I played in a band that got a huge record deal in the mid 2000s. It crashed and burned hard. That’s when I wrote my first solo show and I’ve been touring fringes ever since.

So what’s the big idea?

The show is about that moment to which everyone gets where you ask “what the hell am I doing with my life?” That question caused me to make some questionable life choices that literally took me around the world. It’s an epic soul searching round-the-globe adventure set to music.

How did you come up with a screwy idea like that?

I’m desperate for cash.

Why should I care?

I performed this show at several fringes last year to pretty awesome audience reaction. I feel like it’s my best work so far. It’s very funny and relatable, the music is super cool, and it has an uplifting message that seems to really move people.

Justify your show’s existence in haiku form.

Stairway to kevin
There’s still time to change the road…
You’re on. Come see it.