Pre-Cringe Profiles: There Once Was an Alien from Venus…


…and here we are, on All Hallows’ Eve’s Eve, and some of you are wondering: which shows in the upcoming Twin Cities Horror Festival should you plan on seeing? The correct answer, of course, is all of them. But for those of you uncomfortable charging recklessly down that darkened hallway, I’ve been conducting a series of Pre-Cringe Profiles, and four companies boldly swallowed their anxieties and plunged into the challenge of expressing their sentiments inverse in verse. Click on any of the limericks below to check out the show’s full profile. If you dare.

There once was a group that faced their fears
Even though they hadn’t seen each other in years.
They were all afraid of death
yet not addicted to meth.
At their gravesites were nothing but tears.

As a culture we haven’t forgotten
That we all have a taste for the rotten
We’ll still crawl through the mud-
even bile, puke, or blood-
And then celebrate how far we’ve gotten.

There once were 7 Brits
who tried to escape the pits
But stabbed, shot, or fried
one by one they died
for there was a Murderer in their midst

There once was a broken heart
It had been patched up and then torn apart
Some moments are tender
Some feel like a bender
There is horror within the art.

The festivities begin tomorrow night. See you at the Southern…if you dare.