NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Pop-up art project planned for this weekend neart The Baker’s Wife and Colossal Cafe


Who defines what art is?
Define street art.
When do you think (if ever) street art is okay?
What do you think when you hear the word grafitti?
What is the effect or impact of grafitti on communities?

Answer these questions during courageous heARTS’ first pop-up public art project for the Standish-Ericsson neighborhood. Choose from two options:

• Saturday, Sept. 21: Corner Lot across from Baker’s Wife (42nd St and 28th Ave. in Minneapolis)
• Sunday, Sept. 22: Outside Colossal Cafe (1839 E. 42nd St, Mpls 55407)

“Whether this is in your neck of the woods or not, we invite you to participate in this interactive conversation about the value and impact of street art,” said courageous heARTS Executive Director Lindsay Walz. “You can spend 5 minutes or 50 helping us uncover the answers to a set of collaboratively defined questions.”

The creations were selected by the organization’s Youth Advisory Board. The YAB Advisory Board consists of 10 youth who meet the following criteria:
-13-18 years old and currently enrolled in a middle or high school
– Live in Standish/Ericsson or go to one of the following schools: Folwell Performing Arts, St. Helena Catholic School, Wellstone International, El Colegio or Roosevelt High.

“Answer questions while you wait for your table at Colossal Cafe or while you snack on a doughnut from the Bakers Wife. And most importantly, help uncover the secret message embedded in the installation,” urged Walz.

“Community participation is essential for the project’s success,” added Walz.

Organizers intend to share the project and the video being created to document community participation on a billbard. The space will be donated for one month by ClearChannel. courgeous heaRTS will pay $150 for the poster. Donate at

The non-profit courgeous heaRTS is located at the northwest corner of Cedar and 42nd St., at 4164 Cedar Ave. Learn more about at or call 612-729-2483.

After school programming for middle and high school youth runs daily from 4:30-6 p.m. The suggested fee range for classes are $5-15. Fridays are dedicated to building community through an on-going talking circle and free open studio time.