Poor country blogger gets name-dropped in Emmer ad segment on Colbert Report


Bluestem knew that the Colbert Report was doing a segment on the peculiar Tom Emmer testimonial commercial we’d first spotted on CW 23 Sunday morning and posted about that day in Tom Emmer shills for Integrity Exteriors and Remodelers as a candidate running for congress.

The story had legs and was picked up by the Associated Press and other outlets who did the real journalists’ job of seeking answering for the many questions the hybrid ad raised about campaign finance and other issues.

Along the way, the Colbert Report spotted the material and last night ran with it. Bluestem’s editor got name-dropped by Stephen himself:

“And folks, I have got to tell you, this so-called controversy is clearly just another conspiracy by big liberal media, this time in the form of small-town Minnesota blogger Sally Jo Sorensen who spotted the ad during a local backyard wrestling show called ‘Sunday Shockwave.'”

Here’s the clip:

[Editor’s note: if clip doesn’t play right away, refresh your browser window.]

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