FREE SPEECH ZONE | “Political Poppycock in Eden Prairie” Reviewed


Minnesota Progressive Project Blogger Tommy Johnson has posted his review of our live presentation “Political Poppycock in Eden Prairie.” nee “Prairie Poppycock: The Dark Side of School Politics in Eden Prairie.” The presentation consists of live, verbatim readings taken directly from the reader comments to articles in the Star Tribune, the Eden Prairie News, Eden Prairie Sun Current and the facebook venue of something called “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability” and the right wing blog site “The Activist Next Door.”  The local school district has re-drawn school boundaries to meet the challenge of a growing number of Somali immigrants and the learning gap.

Doug Lind and I do an encore of the presentation this Sunday November 6th at Eden Wood Center 6350 Indian Chief Road, Eden Prairie.    Tommy Johnson, a life-long resident of Eden Prairie and liked the presentation.  Here is his take

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