Plebeian pleasures: La Casita in Roseville


I was out in Roseville doing some “Vikings-free” consumerism (don’t ask). I decided to search for any Mexican restaurants I could find. As I drove on Prior Ave to the intersection with Permiter Drive, I spotted La Casita. Wondered “Do they have fish tacos?” and decided to find out.

Now I know this is more “formula Mexican”, but that is sort of beside the point which is to eat fish tacos, particularly the best I can find. Got seated, read the menu, didn’t see them under the normal name (pescado), so I asked the waitress, and she pointed me to the Tacos El Dorado item which contained “mahi mahi”. So I ordered Tacos El Dorado and a Summit beer (got to get that MN beer!)

The Twins game was on the flat screen tv’s so I watched that. The waitress brought me a pint of Summit and a bowl of chips with salsa. So I munched, drank, and waited. The restaurant wasn’t that full, so my main meal came in what seemed a very brief period of time.

Tacos El Dorado is two mahi mahi tacos, Mexican-style rice, a corn cake over shredded lettuce, and roasted veggies. I couldn’t believe that I got an exacta. Fish tacos and roasted vegetables on the same plate! Standard! My favorites in two categories. So the tacos could have been so-so, while the meal as a whole would have been a winner. As it was, the tacos were excellent. I rate them on the level with El Nuevo Rodeo on Lake Street. Which means as good a taco as I’ve had.

Another comment: If I hadn’t visited Sea Salt Eatery first, I may not have been prepared to enjoy the ambience at La Casita. But it is a very calm place. TV’s are on closed captioning. Music is mariachi. Bar patrons chat quietly. Unlike the rattled feeling I had walking away from Sea Salt Eatery, I was very calm and satisfied at La Casita as I headed for my car. Thank heaven someone understands the right ambience of digesting a dinner.

Would I go there again? Definitely. The final cost equaled Longfellow Grill, but this was a complete dinner. Longfellow Grill was a plate of tacos. And worse yet, Longfellow Grill collects taxes to fund the Vikings stadium. That is a deal breaker for me.