Plans take shape for Vikings stadium, adjacent park, private development


The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and the Minnesota Vikings unveiled the design of the Vikings’ new football stadium May 13.

The public event took place on the stage of the Guthrie Theatre — part Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority meeting, part Vikings pep rally, and part slideshow of the stunning stadium design.

“We’re working with the Vikings every day to design and construct the stadium,” said MSFA chair Michele Kelm-Helgen. She noted that an estimated 7,500 construction jobs will be created from stadium construction.

“Thousands of Minnesotans are going to go to work to build the stadium,” said Governor Mark Dayton, who received a standing ovation from the crowd at the event for his leadership last year in winning stadium funding approval from the legislature. “This is first and foremost an economic development project,” Dayton said.

Noting that the Vikings play only 10 home games a year, Kelm-Helgen emphasized that “the other 350 days a year we will have a beautiful, new, multi-purpose stadium owned by the state and operated by the Stadium Authority.”

Bryan Trubey, design principal for HKS, walked the crowd through a slideshow featuring images of the new stadium. “This is a complex, almost living, breathing structure,” he said.

“Rule number one,” he joked, “get the snow off the roof.”

The design features steeply pitched roof lines with a see-through roof. “We think clear is the new retractable,” Trubey said. Glass walls will offer views of the downtown skyline.

The MSFA approved the design, forwarding it to the Minneapolis City Council for review.

Ground-breaking for the 65,000-seat, $975 million stadium is set for October 2013.