Pink slips on Emmer volunteers are symbolic


I have been livestreaming the recount for the Uptake. Today I am taking part of the day off. Only Hennepin County is having some controversy on the large numbers of challenges. And that is the Emmer campaign scrambling to find all challenges possible. The bottom line is that the numbers are not there.

At Ramsey county, the Emmer people are identified by pink slip name tags. I think it was supposed to be red, but the color is actually pink. I think this is symbolic because all over the reports are coming in like this comment on Facebook:

I drove 350 miles for this?? “Then the piles were tallied and the numbers almost always matched the numbers from Election Day.

No discrepancies, no arguments between representatives of the two campaigns, no news. And that was great news for [Blue Earth County Elections Director Patty] O’Connor.

“Ours have been going very, very good,” she said at 4:30 p.m. Monday after counts had been completed in 22 of 53 precincts,

As I looked through the 67 challenges in Ramsey county, it was clear that only about 10 had a chance of changing the outcome. So if 10 changes were made every day of recounting in 87 counties, that number would still not be close to the 9,000 needed to change the outcome of the election. You can check out a sampling of challenge pictures on my Facebook album.