The Pictures I See


It’s hazy in the morning.  Haze over here.  Haze over there.  Haze everywhere.  It’s like a stampede of angry bulls racing to get to their pens.  Racing as fast as they can.  Sometimes they fall down and can’t get back up.  Up ahead there it’s the First National Bank building in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Such a grand old building.  Remember that building.  The illuminated “1” will light your way home.  It never fails.


Snow.  Ice.  What gives? It’s been nice.  Below normal next week? What else could we expect the first week of February? What else could we expect in wintertime? Nothing below 30 degrees Fahrenheit? It’s getting there.  You’ll see.  Nothing below 40 degrees soon enough.  Interstate 94.  That’s the road I know.  Been traveling down Interstate 94 for a long, long time.  Now it’s up Interstate 35 more, but still can’t get away from 94.  The grand Twin Cities artery.  Good road.  Well maintained.  It will get you to the city.  Either one.


Phone in my pocket all through the day.  Phone in my pocket to put in my hand.  I talk through the phone more than many.  Call me old-fashioned but that’s what I do.  I was born in 1980.  Maybe that’s old enough today in 2015.  The text and Facebook messages don’t stop.  All around that’s what they’re doing.  They’re sending messages on their phones to everybody and nobody.  It’s what they do.  It’s what they care about.  Hold on-I just got a text.


Spinning, whizzing, and grinding.  Vroom, vroom, vroom.  Thud-a-thud-a-thud-a-thud-a-thud-a-thud-a-thud.  Clickety-clank-a-clickety-clank.  Phoosh.  Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.  Click click click click click click click click click.  I just got another migraine.


We’re in such a hurry.  Impossible hurry.  Babies and small children in our shopping carts.  We can’t slow down.  We have to keep moving to keep up with the Earth’s rotation.  We wait at checkout at the grocery store that makes you rent a cart.  At least they’re fast there.  We wait longer at the bigger store.  You’ll know it by the big red bullseye out front.  We hurry up and then we wait.  That’s what we do.  We say those who can’t keep up have a disease, but don’t worry, for we are Minnesota nice.


Wake up.  Flickering images flashing at me.  Go to sleep.  Flickering images flashing at me.  How much of life is spent watching flickering images flash at me? I’d hate to add it up.  I’d rather just look at the flickering images flashing at me.


Going down south now.  By the airport.  Used to cross paths with the airport.  Down it’s halls.  In it’s basement.  Riding and driving a bus between terminals.  Later walking through the train tunnels deep below the runways.  Always driving by it.  Not so much anymore.  Maybe those days are behind me.  It’s fun to think where are all those planes going? It’s still a good place to visit.


Oh how we want to scream.  How we want to scream out loud so all the world can hear.  We have a beast somewhere deep inside but we must keep it tame.  We’re taught that’s not proper behavior.  We must move along and hold our head high or down low but we must move quietly.  We have a problem if we can’t move quietly.  Instead the lions must just roar loudly in my head.  Go to Yoga and meditate.  Meditate before looking at flickering images.  It’s good for you.  At least I believe it’s good for you.


Sit down.  On the couch.  In a chair.  On the floor.  Anywhere.  We like to sit.  Why stand when you can sit? Just sit down and take a break.  You’ve earned it.  What have you earned?


The thoughts they just dance and whirl around inside my head.  Go to bed.  I don’t remember my dreams.  I must just daydream.  If you dream you forget you’re at work.  That’s why it’s so appealing.


The physical body.  Some human bodies are truly remarkable shapes to behold.  From the head to the toe and everything in between it can truly be a sight to behold.  We get distracted too often by just a few body parts.  Everybody likes sex.  Everybody hates sex.  We can’t win.


Why do you suscribe to certain conservative views? You’re nothing like a conservative.  Pro life and pro gun is what I am.  Pro gun if you’re responsible.  As for economics, the Right is not right.  It’s pretty simple there.  If you believe in Robin Hood-taking from the rich and giving to the poor-you’re not a republican.  No matter how much you might think you are.  Clean-cut and conservatively dressed? That’s just my culture.  Take it or leave it.  You’re free wear what you please.


I should buy a motorcycle.  I could feel like I’m going somewhere.  I could feel like I’m taking off.  Down I-94 to I-35E, west past the airport, maybe all the way west to the Black Hills.  I could hide out in those hills for a few weeks.  When I come home I would look for the light of the “1” on the First National Bank building in Downtown Saint Paul.  That would tell me as good as anything that I’m back home.  Is there any place better?