PHOTOS | Martin Luther King Day 2013 in Minneapolis and St. Paul


While the Twin Cities had many celebrations of Martin Luther King Day, I went to just two of them — the beginning of the Occupy MN march in Minneapolis, and the Governor’s Commission and Minnesota Humanities Center-sponsored celebration at Central High School in St. Paul. 

Organizers of the Occupy MN march in Minneapolis posted their explanation on Facebook:

This march seeks to honor that legacy of Dr. King. The MLK of the “Vietnam and Beyond” speech in which he condemns the militarism, materialism and racism in US society and proclaims that: “ A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death… Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 

Participants focused on foreclosure and homeowners’ rights. 

Occupy MN continues to focus on the rallying cry of “the 99%.”

Subzero temperatures meant bundling up for marchers, whatever their age.  

A sign signaled solidarity with the Native American Idle No More movement. 

And a St. Paul teacher wore buttons representing various teacher organizations.  

And in St. Paul …

The Council on Black Minnesotans opened the day with a two-hour focus on their legislative agenda. Participants above discuss the economic development portion of the agenda, which included a call for a Minnesota Full Employment Initiative. 

Not part of the official program, the Welfare Rights Committee focuse don a call to double the amount of welfare grants in Minnesota — unchanged in 27 years. The cash grant for a family of two is still $437 for a full month.
(Left to right, Deb Konechne, Virginia Amy Weldom, Kim DeFranco)

Stepping off from Central High School, marchers (above and below) made a short circuit along Marshall Avenue.


For the second year, the Park Avenue Center for Recovering Women carried their banner (above) as did other organizations (below.)