Pups on parade in Northeast Minneapolis


Six-year-old Hailey Nyberg’s eyes widened with joy when she walked Friday evening into Chute Square. 

“I’ve never seen so many dogs!” marveled Nyberg, below right.

The fourth annual Northeast Dog Parade was a dream come true for her and other dog-lovers, hundreds of whom gathered at the park for pre-parade conversation and fun.

Pete Zimpelman, below, with his Pekingese dog friend Romeo.

Pete Zimpleman and Romeo

The event attracted lots of young Northeast couples, like Adam and Lori Vander Poel, who brought their dog Dosh.

The Vander Poel family

Below, Margaret the baby got to know Dixie the sweet rescue dog.

Dixie and Baby

After sufficient sniffing and socializing, the crowd — escorted by the Minneapolis Police Department — left the park and headed down the business district’s sidewalks.

Parade Starts.

Along the way, this large Great Dane attracted the attention of a young diner sitting outside the Bulldog N.E.

Great Dane and Boy

The party heated up when the parade reached its end point outside the Red Stag Supper Club, where members of the NorthEast Business Association provided free water, beer, wine and dog treats.

There were trophies for the most distinguished dogs…


…like Jewel, who won Best Dog Trick for her ability to hug on command.

Jewel the hugger

Jewel’s achingly cute skills even trumped those of Cosmo the jumper, below, who had won the Best Trick contest in recent years.

Cosmo the jumper

At first it was hard to tell whether this exceedingly cute Pomerian was real or stuffed.

Tiny Pomerian

Many pet-friendly businesses were there, like the ladies of Sidewalk Dog — below left, Meredeth Barzen, and Ali Jarvis.

Sidewalk Dog ladies

Bone Adventure’s Brian Fulmer passed out neighborhood-themed treats. Below, Scoops sizes up Fulmer’s homemade confection before snarfing it down, deeming the crunchy puppy biscuit — as well as the evening as a whole — a delicious neighborhood success.

Scoops the dog

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