Pet friendly


For people with dogs living some place that is pet friendly is important. Many of the downtown condos allow pets, including dogs. This topic comes up often, and I suspect that there are people who would like to live in a condo but who do not because they believe that they need a place with a yard and that pets are not allowed in condos. Not all condos allow pets, but many do — and there are plenty of parks downtown so there is always a place for people and dogs. 

Some businesses are pet friendly too. I was walking my dog on Harriet Island and I found this by the River Boat Grill. They even allow dogs on the boat…which would explain why I sometimes get barked at when I walk by. My dog loves to walk and she knows that there are several places around our neighborhood where she can get a drink of water or score a dog biscuit. Some local businesses welcome dogs and I suspect that they get a little extra business from dog walkers as a result. 


All of the downtown condo buildings have pet restrictions. There is a limit to how many pets you can have. There are buildings around town that don’t allow any kind of pet. There is one outside of downtown where the only pets that are allowed are fish. Read the rules before buying the condo, and don’t rule out a condo just because you have pets.