Pattern of hateful signs at Bachmann rallies


At Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) rally against healthcare reform last week, a participant held up a sign equating healthcare reform with the Holocaust.  Bachmann issued a non-apology:

“Sadly, some individuals chose to marginalize tragic events in human history, such as the Holocaust, by invoking imagery and labels which have no purpose in a policy debate about health care,” Bachmann said in a statement. “These regrettable actions negatively shift the focus of the current discussion on this issue. The American people deserve an open and honest debate to ensure the best possible solution to our health care problems, and I agree that these unfortunate instances are wholly inappropriate.”

But this is Princess Sparklepony, not just any politician.  So, of course, it’s not that simple.  A commenter at Dump Bachmann reminds us of past Bachmann rallies:

The highly offensive signs have shown up time and again at Bachmann’s rallies, starting back in her state senate days (as Mark mentioned) with the “Kill the Homos” stuff. And she allows it to continue.

I don’t buy the “geez, we have no control over it” BS. She knows it is going to happen. Since these astroturf events are highly orchestrated, how much would it take for her to direct her staff to screen the signs and remove those that are offensive?

I mean, really. She has staff at other events making sure that signs don’t get in AT ALL (a good example would be her cap and trade “forum,” where her staffers stood outside and yelled, “no signs, no signs allowed!”).

They can manage that, but they can’t screen signs going into other events? Yeah, right.