NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Paddlesculpt opens in Standish-Ericcson


Minneapolis’ first indoor rowing studio has opened in the Standish-Ericcson neighborhood.

Located next to Chris and Rob’s restaurant, Paddlesculpt moved into the spot recently vacated by Vintage Barber.

Owner Dori Johnson was close to waiting on her dream of a bricks and motar studio until fall 2014. But then she passed by 4205 31st Ave. S. when she took a different path home from rowing practice one morning. The location is a “little cozy,” according to Johnson, but she views it as a great start. With three children and a busy life, it was important for her to find something close to home and the building at 4205 31st Ave. S. is just three minutes away.

Johnson has been competing in the sport of rowing for almost 20 years. A former collegiate rower, Johnson is a 2013 US Rowing Masters National Champion and holds her USRowing Level 2 Instructor certification. She’s also a certified World Paddling Association instructor, Crossfit trainer, and Paddlefit instructor. While enjoying the competitive aspects of rowing, she also loves the experience of a great workout and just going out for a leisurely paddle.

Two years ago, Johnson began holding paddleboard classes on Lake Nokomis. Last year, she began teaching indoor rowing fitness classes and coaches CrossFit at Tangletown CrossFit. (Those classes will continue on Monday and Wednesday mornings.) She intends to keep a scaled down schedule in the summer when paddleboard fitness and rowing lessons at Lake Nokomis picks back up in June.

“The response has been amazing and I have had a following since launching classes last year at Tangletown CrossFit,” said Johnson.

“What I love about my classes is keeping people fit and helping them reach fitness goals! My classes are a great way to cross train in the off season for any endurance sport or anyone looking for a different interval- or endurance-based workout. Introducing the benefits of rowing to people and coaching rowers who need improvement in their stroke is part of my goal, as well.”

Her larger vision for PaddleSculpt is to have a space to run indoor rowing classes, 1:1 training and paddleboard sales.

Using indoor rowing machines, participants at Paddlesculpt’s rowing classes burn more than 600 calories a class—moving every major muscle group. Sculpt your body, strengthen your core, improve your balance and increase your overall well being.

RowSculpt classes are a full body circuit/rowing/Bootcamp style workout. Johnson also offers rowing-only classes: Row 1 Beginner, Row 2 Intermediate, and Row 3 advanced.

“Indoor rowing is the perfect exercise for nearly everyone,” said Johnson.  “It’s a sport that gets you in shape, but is low impact and easy on the joints.  Our classes are high energy, supportive, and fun for non-rowers as well as for those with more experience.”

To sign up, please go to  For more information, call 612.817.2600.