OUR STORIES | No driver’s license? Try taking your kids to school and having a business


La campaña de licencias de manejar se ha trabajado y se ha avanzado con el apoyo de un equipo de organizadores, junto con la comunidad latina. Con este esfuerzo se está logrando pasar una ley que cambiaría la actual que permita dar licencias de conducir a imigrantes indocumentados. Juntos lograremos la meta. Oprime los videos para escuchar tres perspectivas sobre el tema de las licencias de manejar en Minnesota.

The driver’s licence campaign has advanced with the support of a team of organizers within the Spanish-speaking community. With this effort we are currently hoping to pass a bill that would change the current law to give undocumented immigrants drivers’ licences. Together we will reach this goal. Click on the videos (one above, two below) to hear three perspectives on the drivers’ licenses campaign in Minnesota. The videos are in Spanish, but we have provided brief synopses in English.


Cristina Mares (above), 47, is a seamstress and small business owner who needs a driver’s licensee so that she can drive when she goes out to buy merchanise. Not having a license makes her afraid because she has a lot of responsibilities and she fears being picked up by the police when she delivers dresses to her clients. She worries that if the police stop her one day her clients would be affected, and that, “everything would stop there.”

Cristina Mares (arriba), 47, tiene un negocio en Saint Paul. Ella es su propia jefe y habla de por qué quiere una licencia.




Monica, 31, is a full time mother of four children who were born in the United States. One of her children loves wrestling and they all participate in after school sports, but it’s complicated to drive them since she doesn’t have a license. She mainly wants a license because her husband has a job and it’s difficult for him to take her and her children everywhere they want to go.

Monica, 31, es ama de casa y madre de 4 hijos nacidos en Minnesota y ella apoya a la campaña de las licencias de conducir.