Our Parents, the Original “Dreamers”


Many times I’ve heard this be said about undocumented youth: they live illegally in the US because their parents made a bad decision; they are here at no fault of their own.

Statements like that have ALWAYS made me uneasy.

The other day we met with one of our Senator’s staff. One of our participants said that youth are now being called “DREAMer.” You know, those who will qualify for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act. This Act will leave our families out, flat out. While youth are being called, “DREAMers,” “our parents are the original dreamers.”

WOW! No one could have said it better. This is the exact reason why I always feel uncomfortable when people, especially advocates for immigrant rights, say our parents are at fault and are criminalized. These words resonate so much, it makes me smile and I feel butterflies in my belly. It’s funny how language can mean so much and make such a great difference.

Funny thing is that this image is being circulating around with the exact same comment my friend made. Maybe after all, we are all one big family and have collective revelations.

From my friend: “Our parents are the original dreamers. Their love and entrepreneurship allow us to have aspirations and dreams. They made sure we were safe, fed, and educated so we could embody their own dreams and aspirations that unfortunately they could not reach in our homelands. Their generosity and love gave us the wonderful gift that included our future generations. Gracias papi. Now I will fight for you. I will make sure your manitas and your back can find a decent rest and an honest retirement. The dream will never die.”

To our families, our parents, sisters and bothers, who have sacrificed so much so that we could have a better life, thank you. We are who we are today because you made it possible.