Our Crumby Christmas


A long time ago when my children were small and life was more simple, our tradition was to drive out of town to find a Christmas tree farm. Once there we traipsed through the rows of evergreen trees looking for the perfect tree to chop down and bring home. After much consideration, the tree was chosen, and we dragged it through the woods to pay for it, then mounted it on top of the car for the glorious ride home.

Once it was set up in the living room, the tree was adorned with brightly colored lights. Lacking the money to buy expensive decorations, we filled the branches with homemade ornaments made of paper and felt. And one special year we decided to decorate the tree with cookies . We made ginger people and frosted cut out sugar cookies and even used cookie cutters to create the Twelve Days of Christmas.

How magnificent it was, until one day the tree came crashing down as excited children went running by. Cookies crumbled everywhere. We reassembled it all the best we could, even salvaging some of the cookies and re-hanging them. While we had a crumby Christmas that year, it always makes us laugh to recall the story. After that we stuck to paper and felt decorations, and we bolted the tree to the wall.

Mary Thoemke, a lifelong resident of Saint Paul, is a free lance writer for the Twin Cities Daily Planet.