OPINION | Thousands rally for immigration reform in Minneapolis


While the US Congress was dealing with the federal government shutdown and debt-ceiling crisis, some 3,000 people from across Minnesota marched October 5th from St. Mary’s Basilica to the Hennepin Center Government Plaza in downtown Minneapolis to keep immigration reform also in the forefront of our elected officials.

Immigration reform is waiting for the House of Representatives to vote. The Senate already passed a bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for qualifying immigrants, reforms our legal immigration system, and further militarizes the US-Mexico border (both Senators Al Franken & Amy Klobuchar voted for reform). President Barak Obama has stated that he will sign this bill when it arrives at his desk.

The reality is that the majority of Minnesotans support comprehensive immigration reform. Immigrants, native Minnesotans, other US citizens, labor groups, businesses, faith groups & many others have shown tremendous unity in this front. And it is up to us to participate in our democracy and get a vote in the House of Representatives.

If we don’t pass immigration reform this year, we will not pass it until after 2016. We cannot wait any longer. Too many of our families have been broken apart by a system that works only against our communities. Young people should feel part of this nation, be allowed to feel safe at school and at home. We all deserve the right to feel protected, access to good paying jobs without exploitation, and stay united with our families.

The time for immigration reform is now! Please call your Representative and ask that the House take a vote for immigration reform: 1-888-979-7506.

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