An open “Liddy” letter to Michele Bachmann


“Defending the McCain campaign’s automated phone calls attacking Barack Obama’s judgment and character, Rep. Michele Bachmann [R-MN] on Friday said Obama ‘may have anti-American views’ and called for a news media ‘exposé’ of the views of members of Congress.”(1)

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Michele, for a real “exposé” contact Carl Bernstein, who as you may recall joined with his Washington Post partner Bob Woodward to expose one of the most “anti-American” politicians in U.S. history, Richard Nixon.(1) And one of the many terrorists he was “palling around with” was G. Gordon Liddy, a co-creator of the criminal Watergate “Plumbers.”

Indeed, “On May 27, 1971, President Nixon ordered that $100 million be secretly budgeted for . . . 150 key . . . BNDD [Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs] assassinations. . . . The CIA was willing to assist.

“The plots reached deep within the White House itself, which organized a secret unit under Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy with the ostensible mission of prosecuting the administration’s ‘war on drugs.’ Hunt, the CIA veteran-turned-‘Plumber’. . . recruited CIA-trained Cuban exiles . . . to ‘waste’ Panamanian leader Gen. Omar Torrijos . . . because of his independent, leftist political stance and his opposition to the administration’s demand for a new 50-year lease on the Panama Canal. Perhaps only the abortive Watergate break-in, mounted by the Hunt-Liddy team, prevented the plot from coming to fruition.”(2,3)

Unfortunately, Michele, his notorious criminal career hasn’t prevented Liddy from “palling around with” Sarah “Bear Killer” Palin and John “Straight Shooter” McCain to assassinate the character of so-called “anti-American” politicians like Barack Obama. For Bernstein’s ironic “exposé” of that see (4) below. As a highly partisan person who has clung so tightly to another notorious criminal, it clearly shows what a cancerous effect you, Liddy, Palin and McCain are having on our body politic.

Richard Lee Dechert
Maplewood, Minnesota

(1) “Bachmann on TV questions Obama’s patriotism”

“Bachmann’s comments came in a 13-minute interview on MSNBC, during which she asserted that Obama has a close connection to 1960s radical William Ayers, a theme of the phone calls and recent remarks by McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin.

“. . . . Regarding Bachmann’s call for a media ‘exposé’ of Congress . . . Bachmann’s [Sixth Congressional District] DFL opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg . . . said, ‘Is this the revisiting of a McCarthy era where we start investigating who’s American and who’s un-American?’”

(2) Jonathan Marshall, “Drug Wars: Corruption, Counterinsurgency and Covert Operations in the Third World” (Forestville, CA.: Cohen & Cohen Publishers, 1981), p. 61.

However, on August 1, 1981 Gen. Torrijos was killed in a mysterious plane crash.

(3) “What makes the G. Gordon Liddy show different from all the rest?”

Liddy is an unrepenting ideological psychopath whose presence on right-wing talk radio is an indictment of American commercial broadcasting.

(4) “Ayers and the McCain-G. Gordon Liddy Symbiosis”

“During the same period that Bill Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, Gordon Liddy was making plans to firebomb a Washington think tank, assassinate a prominent journalist, undertake the Watergate burglary, break into the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist, and kidnap anti-war protesters at the 1972 Republican convention.”