One-sort recycling coming to East Calhoun


The East Calhoun neighborhood will participate in a pilot project to study the cost-effectiveness of one-sort recycling.  Beginning later this summer, eligible households (single-family to four-plexes) will be able to mix all recyclables in one large cart (similar in size to our current garbage carts) instead of sorting them into paper bags.  This project, a collaboration between Hennepin County Environmental Services and Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling, will include the Willard-Hay neighborhood in North Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is one of only two cities in Hennepin County that requires residents to separate their recyclables.  As is the case with the current East Calhoun pilot for curbside organics collection, this new pilot will examine the feasibility of expanding one-sort recycling citywide.  The project will study the number of households participating, the quantity of recyclables collected and the degree to which recyclables are contaminated with non-recyclable materials like trash and yard waste.  Recyclables that are “clean” (free from contamination) generally fetch a higher price at point of sale.  This income allows the City to keep our garbage and recycling rates low.

Residents in East Calhoun should be on the lookout for a letter from the City announcing and explaining the program.  The letter will arrive later this summer.  (The exact date is not known at this time.)  The city will then deliver a large blue cart to each household and remove any small blue recycling bins.  Volunteers will distribute informational brochures.

Now is a good time to downsize from two large garbage carts to one, or from a large to a small cart.  And it’s not too late to sign up for a green organics cart.  To request a green cart and/or to exchange your present large garbage cart for a small one, contact the Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling office at 612-673-2917.

For additional information, visit and click on Waste Watchers, or email