Ladies Night: Now OkCupid-enhanced


I have learned that having a week off from work makes you forget what day it is. It also gives you time to just hang out in your city and explore new places. Instead of doing that, I’ve mostly retreated to my “vacation home” for the holidays, practiced yoga, run lots of errands, and watched David Hasselhoff’s “Limbo Dance” video over and over on YouTube. I did check out the new Thai place on Nicollet for the second time and pay my first visit to the Emergency Vet Clinic in Golden Valley—on Christmas Day! (Don’t worry folks, Ninja is absolutely fine now). I also attended a Ladies Night at a friend’s house and we talked about boys and braided each other’s hair. Minus the hair-braiding part.

The Guy I Was Dating (breakups right before Christmas, y’all: not the awesomest) attended Man Night a couple weeks ago, and I’m not sure what was involved besides booze and basketball. Maybe we’re not supposed to know what happens at Man Night. A friend of mine was going to a Man Night this week and I didn’t ask him what it was about, fearing that if he told me, he’d have to kill me. Ladies Night, however, (well, this one) consists of wine and cheese and talking about men. Actually, this time was more than talking about men. Since every single person I know appears to be on OkCupid, we can now go so far as picking out men for each other, or at least approving each other’s choices.

And here is where what starts out as a column about Ladies Night surprisingly turns out to be a column about online dating. I find it interesting that something that was once only done in secret is now becoming incredibly normal. Instead of making up stories about how we met the new fella, we actually just answer “online” when someone asks that question. Maybe I’ve still met more men in person than on the Internet, but meeting them on the Internet no longer makes me feel like a pathetic loser, and instead makes me feel like someone who doesn’t have time to go man-hunting at bars.

Is this something that is common to most cities, or just the Twin Cities? I feel like everyone in the Twin Cities is on “OkC,” as most call it—even if they’re dating someone and just “looking for new friends.” (I actually do know people on there for that reason.) However, it seems like it’s become the next Facebox here in Twin Cities, or at least among most of my groups of friends. OkC feels almost as much social media as the Fbook and the Titter in my circles. There are definitely many people in other cities on the site, but not living in those cities I don’t know if it feels like it’s everyone.

Since MNcest runs rampant here, it is not surprising that when meeting someone online, you usually have at least four friends in common. Maybe even 40. It feels like instead of Internet dating sites being a place to meet new people, it’s a place to meet people sooner since you’d probably eventually meet them anyway. It’s not uncommon to get messages like “Hey don’t you know so-and-so?” or “Aren’t you dating my friend?” At a certain point it feels like meeting people in the Twin Cities online is no different from meeting them elsewhere. How many friends have you met through Titter? I’ve met quite a few and even know a couple dudes who met on MySpace. And while I’m asking questions: what do you guys do at Man Night?