Okay, I’m a World Baseball Classic convert


by Jean Gabler | March 10, 2009 • Okay, I do care! I just had to figure out the rules, the pools, the brackets, who’s playing, who’s not, where and when they’re playing…it’s still quite daunting to keep track of the World Baseball Classic, but now that I have, I’m hooked.

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The final straw came when I was with my kids on Sunday and they were talking about the US-Canada game on Saturday (the USA won by one run) and what a great game it was. I decided I needed to pay more attention—although I was able to discuss the upset victory of the Netherlands over the Dominican Republic.

I also want to explain my error in my last entry. I really did try to find out who played against Japan in the finals in 2006, and did not correctly identify Cuba as the team that lost in the final game. The mistake does prove my point to some extent, as I found the Web sites extremely unhelpful. They are doing a much better job with the 2009 games and it was very easy to find the information I needed.

I wrote about the Twins’ hitting during the first week of spring training, but it has been the pitchers who have been shining this week. It was particularly fun to watch Liriano’s performance against the Orioles on Sunday. He pitched four perfect innings, striking out five of the twelve hitters he faced. The combined pitching staff pitched an almost flawless game, giving up one hit in the ninth inning. Nathan pitched one inning, striking out two and getting the win. He reported no pain in his shoulder after the game, telling reporters “I think we can probably put this behind us now and move forward.” Gomez had his second home run of the season, driving in the only two runs of the game.

The Twins won their game on Monday against Tampa Bay 4-3. Delmon Young had 3 RBIs, including a two-run homer. He continues to hit well during spring training.

The Twins reported a few weeks ago that the Arizona Diamondbacks claimed Bobby Korecky on waivers. Does anyone remember what Korecky’s claim to fame was as a Minnesota Twin?